Semi Automatic Rotary Microtome

Product Code: JL--6591

  • Semi Automatic Microtome It comes with an advanced imported drive system for smooth trimming and sectioning, LCD screen displays section and trimming thickness range, number of sections etc.
  • It comes with a lockable hand wheel in any position , huge volume waste tray for easy operation, interchangeable specimen clamp along with a safety alarm system.
  • Its high precision calibrated controls make accurate positioning for re-cuts possible Technical Specifications Section Thickness Setting Range 0.25~60 & micro’s Trimming Thickness Setting Range 0.25~60 & micro’s Setting values 0.25~ 1-&micro’s increment step 0.25 &micro’s 1~10  micro’s increment step 1 &micro’s 10~ 20-&micro’s increment step 2 &micro’s 20~ 60-&micro’s increment step 5 &micro’s Minimum setting value 0.25 &micro
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