Kjeldahl Dry Block Digester

Product Code: JL--6514

  • Made of an aluminium alloy casted machined block with cavities for Digestion Tubes.
  • Heating elements are spread uniformly beneath the block, so that entire block and thus the tubes, attain the same temperature throughout.
  • Temperature is controlled from +5°C ambient to 450°C with ±2°C accuracy by Digital Temperature Indicator cum controller.
  • Provided with Neon Lamp and cord to work on 220 / 230 Volt AC Supply.
  • The whole unit is housed in a MS sheet body duly epoxy powder coated.
  • The control unit is placed at the side of the main unit.
  • Supplied without Digestion Tubes and Racks
  • Optional Accessories : 
  • Digestion Tube, 100ml
  • Digestion Tube, 250ml
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