Vacuum Oven (Round/ Rectangular)

Product Code: JL--6369

  • Vacuum Ovens from Jainco, India They are ideal heat treatment equipment where a mass has to be heated at a temperature under vacuum.
  • They are double walled cylindrical/rectangular units with outer made of M.S. sheet duly enamel painted and Inner made up of heavy gauge S.S. Sheet.
  • They are provided with vacuum gauge, see through transparent window of toughened glass and one shelf.
  • These are available in various standard and customized sizes and capacities ranging from 25 ltrs to 200 ltrs.
  • Gap between the two walls is duly filled with high-grade glass wool to avoid thermal loss.
  • Temperature range from 50°C to 150°C is controlled by hydraulic thermostat/ electronic controller with an accuracy of ± 1°C and it is also capable of withstanding a high vacuum.
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