Blood Bank Refrigerator

Product Code: JL--6365

  • The temperature is maintained upto 4 deg. to 6 deg. for storing blood bottles or blood bags.
  • Temperature is controlled through solid state digital indicator-cum-controller and triggers the audio visual alarm in the event of fluctuation exceeding permitted tolerance.
  • These are the primary requirements of every blood bank and hospital for preserving and securing the vital supply of blood, plasma, vaccines and other blood derivatives.
  • Standard capacity: 50/110/200/250/360/400 bags and custom capacity models can also be supplied on the customer's request.
  • They are mounted on a sturdy angle frame with inner chamber made up of S.S. and outer of M.S. duly enamel painted.
  • Unit is also fitted with door operated alarm and power supply failure alarm, as a safety device.
  • Drawers are provided for holding bags.
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