Horiz. Autoclave Cylindrical

Product Code: JL--6355

  • Horiz. Autoclave Cylindrical During Sterilization a Microprocessor / PLC controls temperature, Pressure, Steam Injection, Sterilization time, Drying and all other critical time based parameters.
  • Important sterilization parameters like Phase Status, Current Values, set values, continuously displayed at all times on Controller Screen on Remote Computer via SCADA software.
  • Continuous display of Temperature and Pressure On-line allows user to be aware of Cycle status at all times.
  • Error Code and alarm is generated and cycle stops automatically in case any error occurs.
  • Computer Screen displays Error, possible cause and remedy.
  • The advanced SCADA software provided stores detailed records of Process- Data for every cycle.
  • Reports are available in Data, Summary and Graph formats for every batch of goods sterilized.
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