Table Top Autoclave

Product Code: JL--6339

  • Bench-Top, Pre and Post Vacuum Autoclave with automatic temperature control system, self-test system before operation, self-test mode diagnose, fully automatic  steam  ejection and  safety  device  containing  safety  valve, automatic sterilization cycles and auto detections for steam sterilization of glass wares and plastic wares.
  • Stainless steel chamber and epoxy coated chamber cover for more safety.
  • Sterilize cycle, dry timer and indicator lamps display on panel which allows the operator to visibly acknowledge the phase. It has programmable based controller.
  • Safety locking mechanism that prevents opening while the autoclave is under pressure.
  • Complete control panel is provided in the front.
  • Steam release valve will exclude cool air and extra steam.
  • The autoclave controls are easy to operate.
  • Just choose the mold and time you want first and  then press start.
  • Jointless rubber gasket is provided for leak proofing.
  • Sterlizing Temperature is 121ºC or 134ºC.
  • To work on 220 volts AC supply.
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