Laboratory Fume Hood

Product Code: JL--6331

  • Our chemical fume hoods are fabricated out of thick wooden board these are designed so as to throw-out all toxic / harmful / vapors, thus protecting costly instruments and the person working in the lab.
  • Outer is finished with sun mica and inner epoxy painted.
  • Working table top is fitted with acid/alkali resistant tiles and a small washbasin with connections provide for inlet and outlet of water.
  • The front door moves vertically up and down with concealed counter balanced weight.
  • The unit if fitted with florescent light and a gas cock for gas/air supply.
  • Standard sizes 4'/5'/6'/7/8' x 3' x 3'.
  • The space under the work station is provided with storage compartments for storage purpose.
  • The front facing panel is fitted with 15/5 Amp socket with switches for exhaust system and fluorescent light.
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