16-Channel Strain Meter Expansion Unit

Product Code: JL--4918

  • Features Low cost multi-channel strain measurement.
  • Individual channel calibration and tare Half or full bridge operation.
  • Used with the HAC 20 Two Channel.
  • Digital Strain Gauge Meter - No extra power supply required.
  • Three year warranty.
  • Applications Converts the Strain Gauge Meter into an eighteen channel system.
  • This high quality switch unit accepts sixteen inputs and selects any one for an output to the two channel strain gauge meter.
  • The output identifies the channel to call up its per-programmed calibration and zeroing (tare) status.
  • It is powered from the unit.
  • Services Required; Requires Two Channel Digital Strain Meter for power Optional Extras - Ancillaries Half Bridge Connecting Cable.
  • Full Bridge Connecting Cable.
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