Refrigerated Circulating Liquid Bath

Product Code: JL--3948

Refrigerated Circulating Liquid Bath

Refrigerated Circulating Liquid Bath most ideal for external temperature control applications to external systems such as Rotary Vacuum Evaporators, Refractometers, Polarimeters, Fermenters, Electrophoresis Chamber, Chromatography Columns, Condensers, Rheometers, and general laboratory cooling applications.

A compact refrigerated/heating circulator.

Eliminates the hassles of using a separate heating Bath & a separate Chiller.

Builts in circulator pump for efficient circulating processes.

It offers highest level of performance, flexibility and control for the most demanding applications.

Low noise level.

Wide operating ranges and applications.

Inner bath chamber & lid made of stainless steel (SS-304 grade).

Outer body made of CRC sheet duly powder coated.

Space between inner and outer chamber filled with high grade PUF insulation for minimal thermal losses.

High Condensation efficiency

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