Biological Safety Cabinet

Product Code: JL--3830


Biological Safety Cabinet 

Re-Circulation of Air arrangement is provided for re-circulation of air thus creating highest level of clean air.

 Sliding Sash renders unit convertible for use a conventional vertical laminar flow bench by lifting sliding door upwards.

 Filtered Exhaust protects work space and avoids build up of air borne particles. Supplementary air barrier make up air is sucked through to prevent contamination.

 Glove Parts and Gauntlets permits working with medium to low risk organisms.

Unidentified stains of pathogenic cultures.Virus Burn Out ensures destruction of pathogens present in outlet/exhausted air, thus a step towards environment protection.

Supplied complete with satin finish perforated S.S. table top, sliding front door, static pressure manometer, built in U.V. Germicidal light, glove port and gauntlets, HEPA filter, pre filter, Pre filter at exhaust, fluorescent illumination and cock for gas, air or vaccum line.

 To work on 220/230 volts AC supply.


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