Speed Regulated Polishing Machine For Metallurgical Lab

Product Code: JL--2699

This latest machine is to prepare the effective metallographic sample through pre grinding, pre polishing through indispensable procedure, grinding disc of 100rpm to 1000 rpm speed regulation is controlled by microcomputer chip, it has digital tube display. It has efficient grinding and polishing experience with leak proof spindle and fast -- elasticity grinding device, it works in both automatic and manual in the procedure of timing for metallographic sample preparation. Main Parameter Polishing and grinding disc diameter : 230mm Diameter of the abrasive paper: 230mm Rotational speed: 100-1000r/min, stepless Or four speed 250r/min, 500r/min, 750r/min, 1000r/min Motor: DC brushless motor, two-phase 220V 400W Rotational speed of grinding head: 20~120r/min, stepless Cylinder pressure: adjustable (Suggest 0.2~0.3mpa) Motor of grinding head: DC brushless deceleration motor, two-phase 220V 400W External dimension: 420X623X645mm (include PDZ automatic grind head) Net weight: 50Kg

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