Disintegration Test Apparatus

Product Code: JL--2214

Disintegration Test Apparatus


  • Digital timer with 1 second resolution


  • Accurate time out provided by microprocessor based time totalizer


  • Baskets move Up & Down as per IP/USP test specifications


  • Temperature Controlled by sensitive thermostats

Digital Tablet Disintegration Apparatus  is designed for accurate estimation of disintegration time of tablets as per IP/USP standards. The instrument is designed to test tow batches of six tablets, simultaneously. The unit consists of two beakers having capacity of 1000 cc each. In these beakers, suitable disintegration media can be taken. These can be temperature controlled using a in-built heater and a highly thermostat fitted inside the instrument. Microprocessor based time totalizer is provided for accurate time readout.


Model 901
System Digital Tablet Disintegration Apparatus
Up and Down Speed 30 rpm ± 2 rpm
Accuracy 2%
Resolution 1 sec.
Operating Temp. Range 0 - 100°C
Power 230V ± 10%, 50Hz.AC
Dimensions 450 mm (H) X 300 mm (W) X 320 mm (L) (Approx.)
Weight 8 Kgs. (Approx.)

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