Dimmerstate Variac and Auto Transformer

Product Code: JL--1222

Variac These variable transformer deliver continuously variable A.C. voltage. The output is variable from 0-270 Volts from mains input of 240 volts. Contact between the winding and load is through a carbon brush which covers at least one turn of wire at all times. The areas of winding swept by the brush is plated with metal which eliminates oxidations and ensures a long working life with negligible maintenance.

Specifications :
Constructions : Enclosed in a metal box, has air cooling. The voltage is adjusted and indicated by a knob and dial on the top.
Termination : Mains input via main cable. Output via insulated 4mm socket terminals as well as 3-pin 5 amp. socket.
Indication : An ON/OFF and indicator is provided.
Overload Protection : Slow blow fuse in output line.
Output Volts :
0-240 V (line voltage connection)
0-270 V (over voltage connection)

This sturdily constructed Auto Transformer, ideal for operating heating devices, A.C. Motors and others equipment reguiring adjusting input voltage. This item is supplied with different current capacities as per requirement in hand. Output voltage 0-270V remains the same in each case. Rest specifications are as above.
a) Current Capacity : 2 Amp.
b) Current Capacity : 4 Amp.
c) Current Capacity : 6 amp.
d) Current Capacity : 8 Amp.

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