8085 Microprocessor Training Kit

Product Code: JL--1064

Kit is based on 8085 Microprocessor and is designed to provide ease in interaction with 8 bit Microprocessor capabilities. 
This Kit can be used to train engineers about the Microprocessor Technology, to control any Industrial process and to develop Software for 8085 system.
This Kit has a powerful monitor in 4/8 bytes EPROM. The monitor can be extended to incorporate an Assembler and Dissembler for 8085. 
The Input/Output structure includes programmable 241/O lines. It has got 16 bit programmable Timber/Counter using 8253 for generation of any type of counting. Different types of INTERFACING MODULES from us can be hooked with this kit to perform simple experiments & projects in the lab. These modules are very helpful in learning about the real time inter acing problems of microprocessor.

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