Handy Digital IC and Memory Tester

Product Code: JL--1032

Digital IC Tester for testing TTL / CMOS / DRAM/ Most of the Digital circuits use 74 series TTL, 40/45 series CMOS & 41/44 series DRAM. It is essential to test the ICs before it is put into the circuit. This Tester is also useful for servicing/maintenance.

The IC Tester is having 24 Pin ZIF socket for testing the ICs. It has its own display of 16x1 LCD and own menu for guiding the user. It has the function of selecting the IC number, Auto Search for unknown ICs, and test the ICs. Its average search time is less than 0.8 sec.


Can test 74 Series TTL.

Can test CD 40/45 Series CMOS.

Can test 41/44 Series DRAM.

24 Pin ZIF socket for testing ICs.

TTL Series 7400 to 741245
CMOS Series 4000 to 40257 & 4501 to 4585
DRAM Series 4164 to 414000 & 4464 to 441000
ZIF 24 Pin socket
Average search time Less than 0.8 sec.
Dimension 16x11x45 cm
Weight 0.34 kg.
Display 16x1 LCD
Keyboard 5 Functional Keys
IC tester is operated on 9V DC, 250 mA or 1.5V x 4 Battery

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